Saturday, August 30, 2008

Texas trip

I'm flying home this morning from Dallas. I met Eugene and Jason from the Abba Fund on Wed morning and we met with a World Orphans rep for lunch before driving over to Tyler. Some really good meetings. One of the highlights was visiting Living Alternatives in Lindale, TX on Thursday. A ministry operated by YWAMers that provides a home and an oasis for young ladies choosing  between adoption or parenting while they are expecting. Bev is the founder and is still directing after 27 years. It was amazing to hear her commitment and passion as she shared with us her experiences.

We also visited the Mercy Ships campus with our friends Glenn and Carol. The Africa Mercy is doing amazing work in Liberia.

Friday I visited Scott and Mark at Gladney. What a heritage Gladney has with the history of caring for orphans and providing homes for children since the 19th century. Karyn Purvis was out of town but I stopped by the TCU Institute of Child Development in Fort Worth and met Vicki and two other ladies that are editing the new videos. Looking forward to being able to use those in the near future to deliver more information to families and care givers dealing with children with sensory integration and attachment issues.  Spent some time with friends Paul and Sharon in Frisco last night (talked too late but really enjoyed the visit) and got up this morning at 3:50. Feelin good :)

Glad to be almost home to NC. Texas is great but it was hot... and I miss Heidi and the kids.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Team LWB Marathon

I'm training for the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. on Oct. 26 and running with Love Without Boundaries. Mia is an orphan in China and one of the many special needs children that LWB helps! I'll be running for Mia to help fit her with a prosthetic foot. Any sponsorship is welcome! And pray that I can finish 26.2...

Magnet America custom magnets

Shameless plug - The folks at Magnet America are doing a great job these days on custom products. Great fundraiser!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Asheville and Georgia

We had a great time with or friends Keith and Melissa Glover at the concert at Biltmore. Great to visit Heidi's family and Grandma in Dahlonega too!