Monday, December 19, 2011

Children's hospital in the Philippines

Everyone has been following Tim Tebow because of his public faith and because the Denver Broncos are winning their division over the Raiders and Chargers with Tebow as their QB. In his post game interview after a win over the Jets, he mentioned that even though he loves football, what is most important is his platform as an NFL player that allows him to help children and to build a hospital in the Philippines. He is only 24 years old and already has a desire to be generous and to live out James 1:27. It is great to see a young man who could be using his platform to build himself up, but instead lives out the Gospel for the world to see. Here is a short video about his partnership with CURE on the children's hospital in the Philippines.

Tim Tebow Announces the Tebow CURE Hospital from CURE Video on Vimeo.

video h/t: The Gathering Newsletter