Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Connected Child Conference March 6-7, 2009 - Winston-Salem, NC

This conference is a great opportunity to hear Dr. Karyn Purvis in person! Here is the registration form and more information below from an email I received Friday from Chuck and Sarah Ledford.

I want to remind families that The Connected Child conference is quickly approaching.  The conference is Friday, March 6th for pediatric professionals and the same conference will be presented to parents   / soon-to-be parents   / or "eventually I want to be a parent" individuals,  Saturday, March 7th.  Details can be found at
I would like to note than many of you completed the post conference evaluation following last years' conference.  The number one comment was for more information to be shared regarding the neuro chemical component to caring for our children.  Dr. Kellermann, a colleague of Dr. Purvis', who serves the children Dr. Purvis works with, to promote healthy neuro transmitters, will be participating in this conference.  We are extremely blessed to have him coming from Wisconsin to spend the weekend in our area.  Several families from Grace Connection (including ours) are already familiar with Dr. Kellermann's work.  Personally, he has been serving our children for about 18 months.  The Ledford family can give a huge "testimonial" towards his work!
So, please be sure to visit the website to purchase tickets.  The tickets are very reasonably priced.  If you discover at the last minute you need additional tickets, tickets can be purchased  at the door.  However, we need to have a firm number of attendees as a catered lunch is included in your ticket.
Thank you to Children's Home Society of NC, the Coalition of Licensed Private Adoption Agencies, ABBA fund, Caroline's Promise and Amazing Grace Adoptions for sponsoring this years' conference!  Please spread the word of the conference to other families.  This is not just for adopted families.  We are targeting all families as it is certainly applicable to every family!

Hope to see you there!
Sarah Ledford,
Author of The Brown-Eyed Girl Series and Co-Founder of Grace Connection, "connecting families through the world of adoption"

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