Monday, June 7, 2010

Love for orphans Transforms

Christian Alliance for Orphans President Jedd Medefind recently wrote an article for Catalyst. He does a wonderful job explaining the transforming power of caring for orphans. Below is a segment that summarizes the article and shares the passion that drives many of us. Read the full article on
Caring for orphans invites a journey of discipleship. “I see these kids changed,” explained a woman who helps Christians get involved with foster care, “But I think the parents are changed even more.” It’s true. Every family I know that’s opened themselves to parentless children has not gone unaltered. And though the road can be hard, even painful, virtually always it leads closer to Jesus. Expressed one adoptive mom recently, “People have said, ‘Oh, aren’t they lucky, you rescued them from whatever.’ And I think, Are you kidding? I’m the lucky one. I get to be their mom. And I get to be daily rescued from my selfishness, and my impatience, and things that are just as disease-ridden in my soul.”

Ultimately, here’s the result I see again and again: love for orphans transforms. It transforms children as they experience love and nurture they’ve come to live without. It transforms individual Christians, as we encounter Jesus deeply and personally in a destitute child. It transforms the broader community of believers as well, pulling us corporately beyond a religion of self-development to a costly-but-muscular faith. Finally, love for orphans transforms a watching world, as it sees—perhaps for the first time—the Gospel embodied.

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Kendall Davis, Volunteer Assistant, Food for Orphans said...

Opening one's heart to an orphan is truly transforming. I have such respect for families who have adopted. There isn't a person in the entire situation who isn't blessed. Thanks for the touching post!